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  1. Fixture: Pyestock CC Vs Old Woking CC

    Date: 12 June 2005

    Venue: Cody Sports and Social Club


    The third match featured on the memorable matches section of this website, is probably one that none of the 22 players plus spectators will ever forget, and unlike other matches reviewed here it wasn't because of a great batting, bowling or even team performance, it will stick in the memory for a far more sobering reason. 

    Pyestock CC welcomed old rivals Old Woking CC to Cody Sports and Social Club still looking for their first win of the season despite recently being strengthened by the talents of Dave Osgood, and Richard Eynon, who returned to make his first appearance in six seasons as well as captain Paul Heath being in the form of his life, smashing a club record 154 the week previous at home to Crown Wood CC in a game his side should have won. 

    Old Woking batted first and Karmal proved the aggressor while the more tranquil pace of Ray Kearney's batting was familiar as Chris Heath and Neil Butler toiled with the ball, the former finally bowling Kearney for 11 to break the deadlock. It was the change bowling of Eynon and Dan Heath which created more damage as the pair collected the wickets of Wadad, Moe, and Karmal but the partnership of Nazar and Williams pushed the visitors up to a respectable total. Two wickets for Mike Ensor and one for Norrie Short restricted Old Woking's late charge as they closed on 166 for 7.

    Pyestock were confident of chasing this target despite missing captain and chief destroyer Heath. Opening the batting with Colin Butler and Richard Eynon, initial progress was slow and Eynon was caught in the 5th over for nine, bringing Ensor to the crease. Butler soon fell the same way as his opening partner leaving Dan Heath to partner Ensor in rebuilding the chase from 47 for 2. 

    However, in the 17th over, came the defining moment, of not only the match, but so much more, as a loopy delivery from change bowler Karmal was met by Ensor with an attempted sweep. The resultant top edge flew into the batsmens cheek and eye socket in a sickening manner, with the stricken Pyestock player covering his face and falling to the floor. Obviously in some distress, urgent first aid was required and Mike was transported to hospital. 

    The rest of the match became insignificant with all thoughts now with Mike. A rapid 26 from Dave Osgood while wickets fell all around, was not enough as it was left to last pair Mark Padwick and Norrie Short to survive and secure a draw. Wadad picked up four wickets as Pyestock closed on 143 for 8.

    As the week progressed, the news sadly confirmed that Mike would not play cricket for Pyestock CC again. A broken eye-socket, cheekbone and severely damaged eye-ball meaning that the sport he loved was now the least of his worries, on a long road to recovery in which he had to learn to drive once again as well as more importantly, play golf!. He managed to take to the field once more in 2006, but was just a shadow of his former self. Pyestock continued through the 2005 without the opening batsmen who's banter and good but scathing humour was missed massively on the field of play. Since his debut in 1999, Mike had batted 102 times averaging 26.73. he scored 2 magnificent centuries including his personal best, an unbeaten 119 away at Hawley CC in 2003 (See Memorable Match #01), as well as 10 other scores of 50 or more. He also took 90 wickets with his nagging medium pace and infamous slower ball, at an impressive average of 17.93. 

    Mike continues to keep in touch with players of Pyestock CC past and present, and has recovered impressively considering the horrific nature of the injury. Often found on a golf course, he is in the process of retiring and moving to sunny Portugal. 

    Everyone at Pyestock CC wishes Mike all the best for the future. 


    The scorecard of the day is below.


    Innings Of: Old Woking CC                
      Batsmen Balls  4/6 How Out Bowler Total
    1 R.Kearney     Bowled C.Heath 11
    2 Karmal     Ct.M.Ensor R.Eynon 42
    3 Wadad     LBW  D.Heath  19 
    4 Moe     Ct.M.Padwick R.Eynon
    5 Nazar     Bowled N.Short  28 
    6 P.Williams     NOT OUT  31 
    7 Jamal     Ct.C.Butler  M.Ensor  14 
    8 J.Manuel     Ct.D.Osgood  M.Ensor 
    9 Rarlid     NOT OUT   
    10 T.Jurczenko          
    11 J.Gould          
      * = C + = Wk B LB W NB    
      EXTRA'S ? ? ? ?   11
                TOTAL 7 Wkts 166
    Fall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
    Score ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
    Bat ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
      Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
    1 C.Heath 9 3 25 1
    2 N.Butler 12 3 22 0
    3 R.Eynon 7 0 37 2
    4 D.Heath 6 0 25 1
    5 M.Ensor 4 0 22 2
    6 N.Short 4 0 24 1
                Extra's 11    
                Total 166    
    Innings Of: Pyestock CC                
      Batsmen Balls  4/6 How Out Bowler Total
    1 C.Butler   3/0 Ct. Wadad 18
    2 R.Eynon   1/0 Ct: Wadad 9
    3 M.Ensor   7/0 Retired Hurt ~ 36
    4 D.Heath   2/0 St.R.Kearney J.Gould 10
    5 D.Osgood   3/1  Ct.  Wadad  26 
    6 B.Grigg+   2/0  LBW  T.Jurczenko  15 
    7 N.Butler   2/0  Ct.  T.Jurczenko  11 
    8 J.Furlong   0/0  Ct.  T.Jurczenko 
    9 M.Padwick*   0/0  NOT OUT 
    10 C.Heath   0/0  Ct.  Wadad 
    11 N.Short   0/0  NOT OUT 
      * = C + = Wk B LB W NB    
      EXTRA'S 10 1 2 1   14
                TOTAL 8 Wkts 143
    Fall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
    Score 20 47 (76) 82 120 132 134 138 139 ~  
    Bat 2 1 (3) 4 6 7 5 8 10 ~  
      Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
    1 Jamal 6 1 19 0
    2 Wadad 13 1 55 4
    3 J.Gould 5 0 36 1
    4 Karmal 5 3 5 0
    5 T.Jurczenko 7 3 17 3
                Extra's 11    
                Total 143    

    Match Drawn

    Man of the match: none

  2. Fixture: Old Woking CC Vs Pyestock CC

    Date: 14 June 2009

    Venue: Queen Elizabeth Way



    To celebrate five years since one of Pyestock CC's greatest comeback performances, this well remembered match will become the second to be featured on this page.


    On 14th June 2009, Neil Butler's side travelled to Old Woking CC to face one of their regular, longest standing and often toughest opponents. Pyestock came into the game on the back of two convincing victories over Farncombe Wanderers CC (74 runs) and Dogmersfield CC (101 runs) and welcomed back Del Smith, Frank Bates, Paul Heath and Norrie Short on a warm and sunny day


    Old Woking included Captain Chris McKendry who always proves formidable opposition, and it was he who opened the batting with Andy Dalton in this 40 over contest, as Neil Butler and Chris Heath got to work.


    The first few overs provided little in the terms of entertainment as the battle between bat and ball remained in its infancy, with neither side willing to give too much away, but this was to change in the 6th over as Dalton lofted Heath for 2 sixes in 3 balls to shift the score to 30 without loss. In the next over however, Butler broke the deadlock as McKendry departed for 5 after edging through to Smith behind the stumps.


    Dev Grobbler joined Dalton at the crease, and continued the good work as the visiting bowlers toiled on a flat dry track and replacement bowlers Dan Heath and Norrie Short also struggled as the home side began to take the upper hand.


    By the time the drinks break came at 20 overs, Pyestock were beginning to struggle, and with the score already at 100 for 1, changes needed to be made. Captain Butler reacted by changing wicket-keeper Smith with Paul Heath, and introduced him to the attack in a double-change that also saw Chris Heath introduced. This bold move paid immediate dividends, as Heath bowled Grobbler with the third ball after the return to action and then repeated the trick in his next over as the dangerous Dalton also found his timbers disturbed.


    Suddenly, Pyestock were back in the match at 117 for 3 with two new batsmen at the crease, spirits were raised, however Heath had now bowled his allotted overs, and could not return, which wasn't in the plan initially. In a bold bid to keep the pressure on, Butler then reintroduced himself to link up with Smith and between the pair of pace bowlers, made Old Woking earn every run.


    In the 23rd over, a good catch from Chris McGovern gave Smith a deserved wicket, as, at the other end, Butler eventually finished with figures of 8-2-28-1 in an impressive effort. After a change of ends for Smith, Mark Padwick was chosen to help shut the innings down.


    Old Woking had other ideas however and launched an all-out assault during the final 10 overs as Pyestock began to rue using their front line bowlers earlier in the innings. Jason Orris and Duncan Lomax punished absolutely everything that the visiting side could throw at them. Lomax in particular proving his batting credentials with a 25 ball half century that included 2 fours and 4 huge sixes.


    By the time 40 overs were up, Old Woking had scored a mammoth 246 for 4, with 96 runs coming from the final 9 overs.  Pyestock's disappointment at tea was obvious after seemingly conceding any chance of a result.


    After a tea interval, where many worried and frustrated glanced were exchanged given Pyestock's inability to keep the runs down in the final stages, Jon Ford and Chris Heath opened proceedings against the experienced Old Woking attack. The innings started well, as Coombers first ball of the innings was confidently dispatched by Ford, and when batting hero Lomax followed this up with a first over than consisted of 3 no balls, it transpired to not be the cauldron of aggression either batsmen was expecting.


    The innings settled down, however and both Ford and Heath batted sensibly to extinguish any threat of the home side's openers and at the 10 over mark, with the score a passive 34 without loss, McKendry introduced himself and Andy Dalton to the attack. This seemed to suit Heath, who was now finding the boundary with more regularity as Ford resorted to a more supportive role, and the run rate began to increase, a mixture of off drives and leg glances bringing up the majority of the runs as the innings gained momentum.


    In the 17th over, with the score on 67, McKendry, who had been the more expensive of the change bowlers, picked up his side's first wicket of the afternoon, as Ford went back to a length delivery and was bowled.


    This brought Dan Heath to the crease, who immediately went on the offensive, and dispatched his second ball to the boundary. His next scoring shot, launched the ball in to the river over the despairing glances of bowler and fielders alike as Old Woking now had a new threat to contend with.


    Despite this new wave of attacking threat, at the drinks break, such was the cautious and defensive nature of the visiting batsmen, previous to this, home captain McKendry felt it necessary to remind both batsmen as well as captain Butler himself that the limited over nature of the fixture meant that a draw was not possible, and Pyestock were required to chase the target no matter what. However this message was intended to be received could be debated, but the result was clear, and a rejuvenated and fired up Pyestock restarted with a venom that had been missing earlier in the innings and indeed the match.


    McKendry's remaining 3 overs were thumped for 26 runs as both Heath's passed 50 in confident fashion, Chris for the first time, whilst Dalton, who had started with two maidens, was now being treated to the same disdain as his 8 overs finished wicketless whilst conceding 50 runs. In a bid to halt the aggressive batting style, Coomber was re-introduced from the pavilion end, but by now confidence between the brothers was sky high and several straight drives chashed into the fence as the visitors passed 150 in 27th over and it was game on!


    Beckwith became his side's fifth bowler of the afternoon and bettered Lomax's earlier effort with 4 no balls in his first over, but it was he who eventually ousted one of the free flowing batsmen, as Chris Heath flicked loosely at a leg side delivery only for a simple chance to be held by Bradley.


    A career-best performance had come to an end for the 24 year old, only opening for the second time, his 69 set the firmest of platforms for new batsman Neil Butler to attack the final 8 overs and 3 balls with victory 71 runs away. At the other end however Dan Heath was really in the groove and punished absolutely everything that was not in danger of taking his wicket, as the runs ticked down, the home sides nerves began to come to the surface with wides and no balls become an ever more regular occurrence. 


    The score passed 200 in the 33rd over as the chase was seemingly being won by Butler and Heath, as the Old Woking bowlers struggled for any kind of control, as the 34th over was smashed for 10 runs, the 35th, 9 and the 36th, 11, suddenly Pyestock were just 15 from victory with all the momentum swinging their way. Dev Grobbler had been introduced to the attack for a different approach, however his 21 runs conceded from 2 overs proving no match for Butler, who was dealing almost exclusively in boundaries, and Heath who was closing in on the most bludgeoning of centuries.


    The 38th over, also bowled by Grobbler brought up the moment Heath had been waiting for as a crunching boundary, his nineteenth including 3 towering sixes brought him adulation for the 3-figures he had achieved for the first time. A single 2 balls later allowed Butler to finish the match with yet another boundary, as Pyestock had completed an astonishing, record breaking run chase. Finished 250 for 2 in 37.5 overs left Old Woking shell-shocked and in a fixture where they had recently held the upper hand, it was a crushing smash and grab raid on their venue. 


    On a day where bat had obviously come out on top against ball with 496 runs being scored for 6 wickets it was a fantastic spectacle for the neutral, and a case could definitely be argued for a draw being a fair result, but as we all were reminded, there are no draw's in limited overs cricket!


    The scorecard of the memorable day is below.


    Innings Of: Old Woking CC                
      Batsmen Balls  4/6 How Out Bowler Total
    1 A.Dalton 75 10/4 Bowled C.Heath 73
    2 C.McKendry* 15 1/0 Ct.D.Smith N.Butler 5
    3 D.Grobbler+ 35 1/1 Bowled  C.Heath  21 
    4 J.Orriss 47 7/0  NOT OUT  52 
    5 J.Mullins 26 1/0  Ct.C.McGovern D.Smith 
    6 D.Lomax 32 4/5  NOT OUT  65 
    7 V.Russo          
    8 G.Bradley          
    9 M.Coomber          
    10 S.Beckwith          
    11 S.Berry          
      * = C + = Wk B LB W NB    
      EXTRA'S 15 1 5 1   22
                TOTAL 4 Wkts 246
    Fall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
    Score 34 100 117 146 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
    Bat 2 3 1 5 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
      Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
    1 N.Butler 8 2 28 1
    2 C.Heath 8 0 44 2
    3 D.Heath 6 1 25 0
    4 N.Short 5 0 34 0
    5 D.Smith 8 1 35 1
    6 M.Padwick 5 0 64 0
                Extra's 16    
                Total 246    
    Innings Of: Pyestock CC                
      Batsmen Balls  4/6 How Out Bowler Total
    1 J.Ford   2/0 Bowled C.McKendry 17
    2 C.Heath   13/0 Ct:G.Bradley S.Beckwith 69
    3 D.Heath   16/3 NOT OUT ~ 102
    4 N.Butler*   7/0 NOT OUT ~ 31
    5 D.Smith+          
    6 C.Butler          
    7 C.McGovern          
    8 P.Heath          
    9 M.Padwick          
    10 F.Bates          
    11 N.Short          
      * = C + = Wk B LB W NB    
      EXTRA'S 4 1 12 14   31
                TOTAL 2 Wkts 250
    Fall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
    Score 61 175 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
    Bat 1 2 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
      Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
    1 M.Coomber 8 1 24 0
    2 D.Lomax 6 0 38 0
    3 C.McKendry 8 0 63 1
    4 A.Dalton 8 2 50 0
    5 S.Beckwith 4 0 40 1
    6 D.Grobbler 2.5 0 30 0
                Extra's 5    
                Total 250    

    Pyestock CC won by 8 wickets

    Man of the match: C.Heath.D.Heath (Joint)

  3. Fixture: Hawley CC Vs Pyestock CC

    Date: 17 August 2003

    Venue: Blackwater and Hawley Leisure Centre


    The first match reviewed in this blog took place 10 years ago in August 2003 as Pyestock visited regular opponents Hawley CC. The home side contained regular stalwarts Craig Adams, Gary Mitchell, and Richard "Milo" Miles. Pyestock were without regular wicket keeper Barry Grigg and Peter Taylor (who was to leave the club at the end of the season after 15 years), replaced by Mike Holden and Greg Barber.

    Pyestock batted first on a hot and sunny day with regular duo Mike Ensor and Paul Heath strutting out to the middle looking for a solid start against Craig Adams and Richard Miles. The bowling began tight with only a few extra's moving the scoreboard away from zero. 

    The shackles were broken in the eighth over as Miles lost contol and Ensor punished with 3 trips to the fence as the score moved onto 40. another loose over saw the young bowler removed from the attack and replaced by Bird.

    At the other end Adams was remaining tight, keeping both batsmen on their toes with his skiddy medium pace from only 3 paces. The Pyestock duo had seen their nemesis take enough wickets in the past to be wary of the danger. Consecutive maidens kept the experienced bowlers economy rate below 2 runs per over. Problems continued however at the other end and the run rate was climbing. Mike brought up his 50 with a couple off of Adams, then celebrated with the innings first maximum as Adams began to suffer. Paul followed suit soon after as the score reached 131 without loss after 24 overs. 

    It was in the next over that the shot of the day came. advancing down the wicket Paul connected with a leg side delivery and flicked the ball away over mid wicket. The pure timing of the shot saw the ball fly away for a huge six, that pounded into the pavilion way above the heads of his appluading team-mates, before rolling back to the square to be retrieved by the beleagured Hawley fielders. It was a massive shot and symbolic of the dominance Pyestock were showing over their rivals. that Adam's over went for 13 in the end and set Pyestock up for passing 150 and then onto the next milestone, the club record patnership of 175 set by Paul Heath and Roy Holmes in 1995 against Hale CC. 

    This objective was passed with ease as Mike thundered 2 boundaries from Helliwells fourth over to take him into the eighties, and Colin Butler, Pyestock's number 3, who had sat in pads in the sweltering sun for the best part of two hours, now wondered if he would ever make it to the middle. Paul Heath, who was now beginning to tire was finding singles to help Mike take the strike and help the score along, but by now was also in the eighties, and still looking solid. Adams had finished his marathon 15 over spell and Miles was reintroduced. 

    This had no effect now as the pair were in ruthless mood, keen to add valuable runs to the Pyestock score, but now both had centuries in their sights. Mike reached his first in the 35th over as three fours in four balls brought deverved adulation from both home and away sides as Pyestock moved to 226 without loss. In the very next over, perhaps confirming the even nature of the pairs partnership, Paul nicked a single to bring up his 2nd century for the club as Gillard bowled an expensive solitary over. 

    A relatively tidy over from Miles to finish left Pyestock on a record breaking 245 for 0 at tea as both batsmen left to a standing ovation and handshakes all round. 

    Despite the celebratory mood in the Pyestock camp at tea, it was poignant to realise that a job still needed to be done. Pyestock would need to claim 10 wickets to win the match on a pitch obviously more than suitable for batting, and without Neil Butler, would have to make use of a reduced bowling attack. 

    Chris Heath and Ian Townsend opened the reply with Dave Scott and Rich Helliwell looking to see Hawley to a draw or even umlikely victory, but in the third over Helliwell became the first wicket of the day to fall after 237 balls as he edged straight to Mark Padwick at first slip. 

    This brought Craig Adams to the crease, a man who has previously scored a century of his own againt Pyestock, so the visitors knew they would need to claim the prominent figure early in order to progress to the victory they needed. In the 7th over, their prayers were answered, but lightning in fact would strike twice. First Colin Butler swooped from the covers to dismiss Dave Scott with a fine catch before the prize wicket of Adams came, bowled by Chris Heath who now had 3 for 27 in an entertaining and gripping spell. 

    Ian, at the other end was proving far calmer, only conceding 6 runs from 4 overs allowing Chris to attack, but both were withdrawn after 14 overs with the score a healthy 74 for 3. with only 19 overs remaining however the win looked unlikely, however to their credit, Bird and and Gary Mitchell had attacked the bowling, and enforced the change. The decision by Paul Heath to take the pace off the ball however, worked a treat as with the first ball from Mark Padwick bamboozled Mitchell and bowled the stricken number 5 after a brisk 22. 

    The real changing point came in the 22nd over however after Norrie had Strong caught by Mike Ensor for 24. The Pyestock legend claimed 3 wickets in the over as Abbas, Crane and Gillard all fell to catches to leave the hosts rudderless on 110 for 8. Smith became the spinners 5th victim in the 24th over as victory looked secure with 9 overs remaining, but Bird, who had amassed the highest score of the innings and last man Miles held firm with some impressive shots. 

    Chris Heath was introduced and disturbed Miles timbers with less than 3 overs remaining to wrap up the innings and the match, but it was the two centurians and 5 wicket Norrie Short who claimed the plaudits in the post match celebrations.


    The scorecard of the memorable day is below.


    Innings Of: Pyestock CC                
      Batsmen Balls  4/6 How Out Bowler Total
    1 M.Ensor 115 15/1 Not Out ~ 119
    2 P.Heath* 108 12/2 Not Out ~ 103
    3 C.Butler          
    4 I.Townsend          
    5 M.Padwick          
    6 M.Holden+          
    7 R.Sladen          
    8 D.Heath          
    9 G.Barber          
    10 C.Heath          
    11 N.Short          
      * = C + = Wk B LB W NB    
      EXTRA'S 4 0 16 3   23
                TOTAL 0 Wkts 245
    Fall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
    Score ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
    Bat ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
      Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
    1 C.Adams 15 3 68 0
    2 R.Miles 9 0 77 0
    3 P.Bird 6 1 37 0
    4 R.Helliwell 6 0 44 0
    5 A.Gillard 1 0 15 0
                Extra's 4    
                Total 245    
    Innings Of: Hawley CC                
      Batsmen Balls  4/6 How Out Bowler Total
    1 D.Scott 29 4/0 Ct: C.Butler C.Heath 17
    2 R.Helliwell 3 0/0 Ct: M.Padwick C.Heath 0
    3 C.Adams* 11 1/0 Bowled C.Heath 7
    4 P.Bird 57 6/0 Not Out ~ 41
    5 G.Mitchell 22 5/1 Bowled M.Padwick 29
    6 R.Strong 21 5/0 Ct: M.Ensor N.Short 24
    7 T.Abbas 9 1/0 Ct: N.Short N.Short 5
    8 A.Crane 2 0/0 Ct: C.Heath N.Short 0
    9 A.Gillard 1 0/0 Ct: G.Barber N.Short 0
    10 D.Smith 3 0/0 St: M.Holden N.Short 0
    11 R.Miles 22 1/0 Bowled C.Heath 8
      * = C + = Wk B LB W NB    
      EXTRA'S 1 0 8 4   13
                TOTAL 10 Wkts 144
    Fall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
    Score 5 26 32 74 102 110 110 110 123 144  
    Bat 2 1 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11  
      Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
    1 C.Heath 8.1 0 48 4
    2 I.Townsend 7 1 26 0
    3 M.Padwick 4 1 26 1
    4 N.Short 7 2 16 5
    5 P.Heath 3 0 24 0
    6 M.Ensor 1 0 3 0
                Extra's 1    
                Total 144    

    Pyestock CC won by 101 runs

    Man of the match: M.Ensor/P.Heath/N.Short (Joint)

  4. Welcome to the newest section of where over time some of Pyestock Cricket Club's famous matches will be reviewed and remembered by those who played in them. 

    This page has been created on Saturday 17th August 2013, poignant as it is exactly 10 years since once of the clubs most memorable performances, the 101 run victory over Hawley CC on the same date in 2003. That match will be reviewed as the first in this series and others will be added over time. 

    Hope you enjoy the read, whether you are a current or former player remembering the matches or just living some of the clubs greatest moments as they are told on this page. Feel free to comment on the stories as they appear and add your own memories, or suggestions for other matches worth a place on this page.

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