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Memorable Matches

Match #03 Old Woking (H) 12 June 2005

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Fixture: Pyestock CC Vs Old Woking CC

Date: 12 June 2005

Venue: Cody Sports and Social Club


The third match featured on the memorable matches section of this website, is probably one that none of the 22 players plus spectators will ever forget, and unlike other matches reviewed here it wasn't because of a great batting, bowling or even team performance, it will stick in the memory for a far more sobering reason. 

Pyestock CC welcomed old rivals Old Woking CC to Cody Sports and Social Club still looking for their first win of the season despite recently being strengthened by the talents of Dave Osgood, and Richard Eynon, who returned to make his first appearance in six seasons as well as captain Paul Heath being in the form of his life, smashing a club record 154 the week previous at home to Crown Wood CC in a game his side should have won. 

Old Woking batted first and Karmal proved the aggressor while the more tranquil pace of Ray Kearney's batting was familiar as Chris Heath and Neil Butler toiled with the ball, the former finally bowling Kearney for 11 to break the deadlock. It was the change bowling of Eynon and Dan Heath which created more damage as the pair collected the wickets of Wadad, Moe, and Karmal but the partnership of Nazar and Williams pushed the visitors up to a respectable total. Two wickets for Mike Ensor and one for Norrie Short restricted Old Woking's late charge as they closed on 166 for 7.

Pyestock were confident of chasing this target despite missing captain and chief destroyer Heath. Opening the batting with Colin Butler and Richard Eynon, initial progress was slow and Eynon was caught in the 5th over for nine, bringing Ensor to the crease. Butler soon fell the same way as his opening partner leaving Dan Heath to partner Ensor in rebuilding the chase from 47 for 2. 

However, in the 17th over, came the defining moment, of not only the match, but so much more, as a loopy delivery from change bowler Karmal was met by Ensor with an attempted sweep. The resultant top edge flew into the batsmens cheek and eye socket in a sickening manner, with the stricken Pyestock player covering his face and falling to the floor. Obviously in some distress, urgent first aid was required and Mike was transported to hospital. 

The rest of the match became insignificant with all thoughts now with Mike. A rapid 26 from Dave Osgood while wickets fell all around, was not enough as it was left to last pair Mark Padwick and Norrie Short to survive and secure a draw. Wadad picked up four wickets as Pyestock closed on 143 for 8.

As the week progressed, the news sadly confirmed that Mike would not play cricket for Pyestock CC again. A broken eye-socket, cheekbone and severely damaged eye-ball meaning that the sport he loved was now the least of his worries, on a long road to recovery in which he had to learn to drive once again as well as more importantly, play golf!. He managed to take to the field once more in 2006, but was just a shadow of his former self. Pyestock continued through the 2005 without the opening batsmen who's banter and good but scathing humour was missed massively on the field of play. Since his debut in 1999, Mike had batted 102 times averaging 26.73. he scored 2 magnificent centuries including his personal best, an unbeaten 119 away at Hawley CC in 2003 (See Memorable Match #01), as well as 10 other scores of 50 or more. He also took 90 wickets with his nagging medium pace and infamous slower ball, at an impressive average of 17.93. 

Mike continues to keep in touch with players of Pyestock CC past and present, and has recovered impressively considering the horrific nature of the injury. Often found on a golf course, he is in the process of retiring and moving to sunny Portugal. 

Everyone at Pyestock CC wishes Mike all the best for the future. 


The scorecard of the day is below.


Innings Of: Old Woking CC                
  Batsmen Balls  4/6 How Out Bowler Total
1 R.Kearney     Bowled C.Heath 11
2 Karmal     Ct.M.Ensor R.Eynon 42
3 Wadad     LBW  D.Heath  19 
4 Moe     Ct.M.Padwick R.Eynon
5 Nazar     Bowled N.Short  28 
6 P.Williams     NOT OUT  31 
7 Jamal     Ct.C.Butler  M.Ensor  14 
8 J.Manuel     Ct.D.Osgood  M.Ensor 
9 Rarlid     NOT OUT   
10 T.Jurczenko          
11 J.Gould          
  * = C + = Wk B LB W NB    
  EXTRA'S ? ? ? ?   11
            TOTAL 7 Wkts 166
Fall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
Score ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
Bat ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
  Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
1 C.Heath 9 3 25 1
2 N.Butler 12 3 22 0
3 R.Eynon 7 0 37 2
4 D.Heath 6 0 25 1
5 M.Ensor 4 0 22 2
6 N.Short 4 0 24 1
            Extra's 11    
            Total 166    
Innings Of: Pyestock CC                
  Batsmen Balls  4/6 How Out Bowler Total
1 C.Butler   3/0 Ct. Wadad 18
2 R.Eynon   1/0 Ct: Wadad 9
3 M.Ensor   7/0 Retired Hurt ~ 36
4 D.Heath   2/0 St.R.Kearney J.Gould 10
5 D.Osgood   3/1  Ct.  Wadad  26 
6 B.Grigg+   2/0  LBW  T.Jurczenko  15 
7 N.Butler   2/0  Ct.  T.Jurczenko  11 
8 J.Furlong   0/0  Ct.  T.Jurczenko 
9 M.Padwick*   0/0  NOT OUT 
10 C.Heath   0/0  Ct.  Wadad 
11 N.Short   0/0  NOT OUT 
  * = C + = Wk B LB W NB    
  EXTRA'S 10 1 2 1   14
            TOTAL 8 Wkts 143
Fall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
Score 20 47 (76) 82 120 132 134 138 139 ~  
Bat 2 1 (3) 4 6 7 5 8 10 ~  
  Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
1 Jamal 6 1 19 0
2 Wadad 13 1 55 4
3 J.Gould 5 0 36 1
4 Karmal 5 3 5 0
5 T.Jurczenko 7 3 17 3
            Extra's 11    
            Total 143    

Match Drawn

Man of the match: none

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