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2013 Match report Bedhampton Mariners

Hovey Hundred Sends

Pyestock to Bed!

Bedhampton Mariners CC Vs Pyestock CC

Sunday 18th August 2013

Weather Conditions: Sunny but unsettled, drizzle later

Pitch Conditions: Wicket: Dry and dusty, but with damp green patches Outfield: Green, dry, fast.


Another magical century from Martyn Hovey, his second in three appearances against Pyestock secured victory for Bedhampton Mariners this weekend.

In truth though, Neil Butler’s side pushed the home side all the way in an encounter that was as topsy-turvy as it was enthralling as at times both sides must have thought victory was only a matter of time away.

Batting first, after losing the toss, Jon Ford and Glenn Taylor set about preparing a good start for their side on a pitch which usually is a batsmen’s paradise, but on this occasion looked as if it may contain a few demons with green patches on a length meant the pair had to be watchful to begin with.

Unfortunately for Jon, in only the second over, an uncharacteristically loose shot saw a ball from Quade loop into the off-side and dropping nicely into Woodgates hands at mid wicket. It was an unconventional start, and one that Pyestock hoped was just a blip as Jack Bromley was thrust prematurely into action.

The pair carefully saw off the bowling of Thomas in the opening exchanges whaile lenn found the more generous Quade to his liking with a sucession of boundaries to move the score onto 41 by the time the first round of bowling changes took place.

The introduction of Dyer and Woodgate seemed to do the trick for Chris Thomas’s side as the run rate dropped and Glenn managed to only sky a ball from the latter straight into the bucket hands of Martyn Hovey.

 Dan Heath joined jack at the crease and the pair carefully saw off the accurate and probing bowling of the pair, Dyer in particular proving miserly conceding only 5 runs in his first 8 overs. This stat was further enhanced as he managed to coax Jack down the wicket which the youngster missed and a stumping ensued.

The middle spell of the innings therefore was beginning to stall with Dan looking cautious and Neil Butler still settling in at the crease. Dan finally secured a boundary and the floodgates seemed to open as the confidence flew into the number 4. Neil ably supported his powerful teammate as the score hit 3 figures in the 27th over, Pyestock knew however this rate would need to improve if a reasonable target was to be set.

Neil perished soon after as the re-introduced Thomas claimed a deserved wicket, but it was new man Vaughan Newcombe who really struck a chord with Dan as a new partnership began. Suddenly the boundary was found with far more regularity as Whitfield and Martyn Hovey were brought into the attack. Hovey himself found life difficult with 29 conceded from his 3 overs, although tellingly, he may not have been exerting himself 100%, Whitfield’s solitary over also cost 14 as the batsmen cashed in. Dan was eventually bowled by Dyer as the innings entered its final stages, but not before a half century was brought up, a first of the season for the 24 year old who has endured a troubled season which is now hopefully behind him.

Pyestock ended on 186 for 5 which seemed a little low based on previous efforts on this ground, but with a wicket that favoured the ball more than usual, Pyestock knew they were not yet out of the game.

John Hovey and chris Thomas opened the Mariners innings with cautiousness, as Neil Butler and Chris Heath got to work, kindly afforded the luxury of a new ball, in keeping with the friendly spirit. The pair seemed to struggle with Neil’s nagging in-swing and Chris’s variable bounce thanks to a lovely green patch situated on a length on off stump.

In the seventh over, with only 7 on the board, Neil struck and Hovey edged behind to Dan Heath behind the stumps. In the next over Thomas too was on his way after the his bails were sent flying by the rampant Neil.

It may have been wise to leave the pair where they were however as Whitfield and Martyn Hovey were now at the crease and neither seemed in any danger as they quickly lifted the run rate. Hovey’s sheer class with the bat is something that Pyestock have encountered before and knew that they would need to dig extra deep before claiming the prize wicket.

The opening pair were soon replaced with the Bromley brothers Jack and Ben who endured differing afternoons with the ball. Jack managed to hold line and length and did well to keep the pair to singles, while Ben seemed unlucky as Hovey in particular liked the spinners inward drift and planted several boundaries leg side. Ben did have his moments though and twice Pete Harris stationed on the boundary was unfortunate not to have 2 or 3 more yards to manoeuvre to take a catch.

As the score ticked on and the wickets failed to arrive, Pyestock needed to concentrate and keep the run rate as low as possible, but this was no easy task as the large pitch and quality batsmen were proving. With the score on 97 however, the breakthrough came. Jack managed to hurry Whitfield into a shot and the leading edge flew back to bowler and Pyestock had wicket number 3.

This brought Chris Hovey to the crease, another good batsmen and one Pyestock would have to earn the right to dismiss. However, even with the world’s best batsmen it is best to strike early, and Jack again took the mantle, encouraging a loose flick into the on-side for Ben to take a catch above his head.

Suddenly the score was 117 for 4 and Bedhampton Mariners had only 9 overs to reach their target. Martyn Hoey remained though and picked up his century from a single from the re-introduced Chris.

He would only make 5 more though as Dan heath, now bowling having ditched the wicketkeepers gloves, tempted the number 4 down the wicket and Vaughan Newcombe was cool enough to gather and remove the bails.

The danger man had gone and Pyestock were jubilant, the score had reached 151 and Martyn Hovey was responsible for 105 of them, so with the hosts still 36 away, Pyestock felt confident.

Mike Collins and Josh Quade now occupied the crease, and didn’t seem fazed by the situation as singles and doubles followed. Quade in particular was like Usain Bolt between the wickets, comfortably gaining 2’s where there seemed there was no right to.

Chris disposed of Collins in the 36th over after yet another catch by Pete Harris, and the game was still anybodies. Neil caught and bowled Dyer, leaving Woodgate to partner Quade into the final 3 overs.

An expensive 38th over from Chris with an inexplicable 5 wides left the hosts needing 12 from 12 balls, and even the experience of Neil Butler couldn’t add to the required run rate, leaving Chris to defend 6 runs from the final over. A powerful 3 from Quade from the second ball left 3 needed from 4 and it seemed the Mariners had the game in the bag.

Trying to finish the match with the next ball however, Woodgate skied the ball over Chris’s head, to Jack Bromley, who made a desperate dive in an attempt to take an outrageous catch, it could have provided a truly fantastic final twist, however the chance went down and Bedhampton had scrambled two, to bring the scores level.

Quade remarkably but brilliantly retired at this point to allow the youngest of the Hovey clan time in the middle, and the youngster enjoyed his time. Woodgate ensured the game was won, but it didn’t matter as the game sportingly continued to allow young Hovey time to test out his new thigh pad and claiming a few runs in the process.

Defeat for Pyestock, but another victory for the relationship between themselves and Bedhampton Mariners CC.

Pyestock CC 186 for 5 (D.Heath 56)

 Bedhampton Mariners 187 for 7 (M.Hovey 105)

Bedhampton Mariners CC win by 3 wickets Man of the Match: Dan Heath

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