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Match Report: Peper Harow (H)

Newcombe’s fifty Nick’s the

Wreck from Pickled Peper’s!


Pyestock CC Vs Peper Harow CC

Sunday 30th September 2012

Weather Conditions: Overcast, Breezy.

Pitch Conditions: Wicket: damp, slow, Outfield: Green, fast.


A superb half century from Vaughan Newcombe helped Pyestock to their thirteenth victory on Sunday with a 5 wicket win over Peper Harow .

In yet another contest where the “traditional” 11-a-side was left behind allowing both sides to field their available 12, it proved early on that runs were undeniably hard to come by.

Peper Harow’s opening pair of D.Saunders, and J.Mundell, opened the innings solidly, however failed to produce any flair to their innings that yielded a partnership of just 8 runs in the opening 11 overs.

However with Pyestock unable to take a wicket as the visitors battened down the hatches, Neil opted to reserve his front line bowlers, and made early changes by introducing jack Bromley and Chris McGovern into the attack.

The openers plodded along defiantly, the run rate started to improve as Saunders sensed time was not on his side, but in the 22nd over his innings ended bowled by Jack as pyestock celebrated their first wicket.

Imran Choudhary joined the patient Mundell at the crease, and instantly looked to drive the innings forward, suddenly Pyestock, who had been tight in the field up to this point had to be on their guard.

Billy Leader replaced Chris McGovern and in his second over produced a magical ball to send Choudhary packing. The length ball swung away hitting off stump six inches from the top. Peper Harow in trouble at 81 for 2 as time was running out.

Mundell finally fell 2 overs later, Billy claiming his second wicket as a faint edge through to wicket-keeper Vaughan saw the openers innings ended after 29 overs. The 30 runs accumulated by the batsmen, while useful, should have come quicker.

Elson and Bradley now had the task of hauling their side up to a defendable total, and batted well to defy the Pyestock attack the further wickets they craved. Elson seemed comfortable against the returning Chris Heath, and Dan was dealt some severe punishment by the experienced Bradley.

The runs continued to flow, however as the innings began to close, the power-hitting predictably cost Peper Harow late wickets. Firstly Dan claimed revenge by forcing Bradley to hole-out to Billy Leader, only two balls later Mark Padwick claimed his first wicket of the season, with Cornell finding Neil Butler on the mid-wicket boundary.

Finishing on 148 for 5, the visitors were satisfied, although probably felt this was a little under par going into the second half of the game. There would be cause for optimism though as, per tradition the Pyestock batting line-up was drawn from a lottery machine earlier in the week.

Opening with John Ford and Mike Carpenter, Peper Harow made the perfect start by ending Mike’s innings after only 4 balls of the innings, the barman unlucky in being caught by substitute fielder (and Pyestock team-mate) Vaughan Newcombe in the slips. Vaughan was fielding in place of Imran Choudhary, strangely absent for the second half of the match.

Next man out of the hat, Mark Padwick joined Jon at the crease and steadied the ship and the runs started to flow. A big over that went for 9 runs, looked to really kick start the innings, however Jon seemingly failed to re-adjust as in the next over he was dismissed for 16 to give Jones his 2nd wicket.

Next at the crease, was bowler Chris Heath, and unfortunately for him, after a couple of singles, history repeated itself as a well timed lofted drive was snatched remarkably out of the air by new bowler Steve Fincham, mirroring his dismissal exactly 12 months earlier when John Hebditch’s one handed wonder catch ended his innings.

Thirteen balls later, Pyestock lost their 4th wicket as the dogged Padders was also caught to give old stalwart Fincham his second wicket in as many overs. At 36 for 4 Pyestock and the match as a whole was at a crossroads.

Luckily for the home side, in-form batsmen Vaughan Newcombe was now at the crease and joined by captain Neil Butler. Carefully they rebuilt and attacked the Peper Harow bowlers. Fincham was smashed out of the attack, finishing with 2 for 33 form 5 overs and replacement Ben Elson was treated to the much of the same as boundaries flowed from the powerful Pyestock duo.

The score progressed into three figures and just as victory looked secured a significant blow was dealt and as before it was significantly a self dealt issue. Neil advanced down the track to launch a poor ball from A.Saunders only to sky the ball with a thick outside edge. This time substitute fielder Chris Heath (again on loan from Pyestock) was sent back-peddling, and clinging one handed to the catch in the fading light to send his own captain trudging to the pavilion.

Vaughan, continued however, undeterred by the commotion of the wicket, and now batting with daughter Taylor (most definitely Pyestocks first ever Father daughter partnership) powered the hosts towards victory. It wasn’t all Vaughan’s doing though as Taylor showed quality and class to stun the Peper Harow side sensing an easy wicket. Smashing her first ball for 4 silenced those thoughts as Taylor moved towards scoring her career best score for the home side.

Vaughan celebrated a very well earned half century, however only 3 balls later it was all over as he has bowled by Elson. This left Pyestock at 122 for 6 however with over 9 overs remaining, it was going to take a monumental effort from the visitors to stop Pyestock scoring the required 27 runs.

And so it proved as Taylor and Billy Leader lead Pyestock to their 13th victory and only 1 off equalling the club record of 14 wins, with 1 match remaining.


Peper Harow CC 148 for 5

Pyestock CC 149 for 6 (V.Newcombe 50)

Pyestock CC win by 5 wickets (12-a-side match)

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