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THE REMATCH - Peper Harow T20

(August 14, 2013)

Following last months thrilling Twenty20 match at Peper Harow, a rematch will take place this Friday 16th August.


The match will start promptly at 6pm and for those wishing to come, the address details are as follows. 

Peper Harow Cricket Club
Peper Harow Park

The Pyestock side will be significantly more recognisable than the previous match however will be missing Jon Ford, Glenn Taylor, as well as Vaughan and Taylor Newcombe.

Pyestock team to face Peper Harow.


01. Neil Butler

02. Chris McGovern

03. Chris Heath

04. Dan Heath

05. Paul Heath

06. Billy Leader

07. Pete Harris

08. Jack Bromley

09. Ben Bromley

10. Ruth Simmons

11. Adelaide Smith


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