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Pyestock lose In Inaugural Thriller!

(August 03, 2013)

Pyestock fell to an agonising single run defeat in their first ever T20 experience against Peper Harow on Friday night.

Stand-In captain Chris Heath lost the toss as Peper Harow opted to bat first on a used track. The below summaries the action on an enjoyable summer evening.


OVER 1: Jo Harfield opens the bowling for Pyestock's much changed line up and initially stuggles with her line as consecutive byes that run for 4 get the hosts off to a good start (PH 11-0)

OVER 2: Dan Heath proves expensive as Pyestock struggle initally with the tight fielding restictions. Both Cornell's find the boundary. (PH 21-0)

OVER 3: WICKET! WICKET! Lightning strikes twice as Jo Harfield produces a perfect delivery to bowl N.Cornell, Ben Elson follows the very next ball with a complete replica of the ball before. Captain Steve Bradley successfully fends the hatrick ball away for a single. (PH 24-2)

OVER 4: Dan produces a mediocre over with only a single off the bat, a couple of wides keeps the scoreboard ticking. (PH 32-2)

OVER 5: A wide at the end of Jo's third over ensures PH take a run a ball. (PH 38-2)

OVER 6: Steve Bradley utilises the square leg boundary as Dan tries to keep the danger man at bay (PH 45-2)

OVER 7: Taylor Newcombe is introduced to the attack, but Bradley seems in good form and adjusts well to the change. (PH 56-2)

OVER 8: WICKET! Dan completes his spell with his best over of the 4, the icing on the cake coming when Bradley is bowled for 17. A deserved wicket (PH 60-3)

OVER 9: A better over from Taylor keeps Marcus Broomer at bay. (PH 63-3)

OVER 10: Chris heath brings himself into the attack a couple of 2's from Broomer moves the scoring along. (PH 68-3)

OVER 11: WICKET! Pyestock look to gain control moving into the second half of the innings, Taylor Newcombe forces Broomer into a poor shot that produces a fine catch from Jo Harfield. Peper Harow's number 5 undone by the pyestock female contingent. (PH 75-4)

OVER 12: Chris Keeps Cornell and Ryan Bennett to a 2 and a couple of singles (PH 79-4)

OVER 13: WICKET! Glenn Taylor enters the attack and impresses with some wristy leg-spin. the champagne moment arrives as Chris McGovern takes a superb diving catch in the deep to remove Bennett for 5. The celebration also noteworthy. (PH: 84-5)

OVER 14: Vaughan Newcombe discovers that a full toss to Max Morris is likely to end in the next field. (PH 94-5)

OVER 15: WICKET! Cornell pushes into the outfield and calls a risky single. Chris Heath collects cleanly and returns to run out Morris by a yard. A lusty blow from Cornell takes the home side to three figures. (PH: 101-6)

OVER 16: Vaughan contains Kamran "Boom Boom" Choudhary well as the innings enters the final stages. (PH: 109-6)

OVER 17: WICKET! Glenn claims his 2nd wicket as Cornell is bowled trying to add vital late runs. (PH: 114-7)

OVER 18: WICKET! Chris Heath reintroduces himself and instantly removes Perry for a duck. new man Strickland can only find a single from the remaining 5 balls. (PH: 115-8)

OVER 19: Jo Harfield completes her spell with just a wide and a bye as Peper Harow close in on 120. (PH: 119-8)

OVER 20: WICKET! Chris Heath's experience proves too much for "Boom Boom" as a succession of slower balls fails to see the youngster lay bat on ball. A full straight ball ends the misery for the host number 8, last man Davin cannot lay bat on the last ball. Peper Harow finish on 119 for 9.


OVER 1: Glenn Taylor and Jon Ford take Bennett to the sword, with an expensive first over. (PYE: 12-0)

OVER 2: Ben Elson has similar problems to his opening partner as Pyestock start well. (PYE 24-0)

OVER 3: Much better from Bennett as he manages to keep Glenn quiet. (PYE 28-0)

OVER 4: Huge six from Glenn keeps Pyestock ahead of the run rate. (PYE 36-0)

OVER 5: Steve Bradley reacts by introducing himself to the attack. only 5 from the over as Glenn and Jon settle down. (PYE: 41-0)

OVER 6: Max Morris produces a superb over, only a single conceded to Jon Ford. (PYE: 42-0)

OVER 7: WICKET! A couple of byes conceded by Bradley, but the breakthrough is found. Superb fielding by Perry at square leg too quick for Jon Ford who is run-out for 14. (PYE: 44-1)

OVER 8: WICKET! Another tight over from Max Morris complimented by bowling Chris McGovern with a decent in-swinger. (PYE: 47-2)

OVER 9: Bradley is content to concede singles as Glenn and Ruth Simmons rotate the strike. Pyestock's run rate has been affected by the 2 wickets and tight bowling of Bradley and Morris. (PYE: 53-2)

OVER 10: The half way stage is reached and a brilliant maiden from Morris means Pyestock require 67 from 60 balls. Ruth however looks in no danger and is playing well. (PYE 53-2)

OVER 11: The introduction of Davin provides some much needed runs for the visitors. (PYE: 64-2)

OVER 12: Glenn finds the boundary for the first time since the 5th over as Perry bowls a reasonable first over. (PYE: 73-2)

OVER 13: FIFTY! Davins second over begins with 2 no-balls and a huge 6 from Glenn to bring up an impressive half century, moves Pyestock only 36 from victory. (PYE: 84-2)

OVER 14: Glenn continues to enjoy himself with consecutive boundaries from Perry, Pyestock look to be coasting to victory. (PYE: 93-2)

OVER 15: N.Cornell finds himself in the attack, Glenn helps  himself to a fourth maximum as Pyestock move into three figures. (PYE: 104-2)

OVER 16: WICKET: The danger man goes, Ben Elson re-introduced does the trick as a lofted drive is picked out the air wonderfully by N.Cornell. Game on! (PYE: 108-3)

OVER 17: New Man Vaughan Newcombe smashes Bennett for 4 as the chase moves into single figures (PYE: 115-3)

OVER 18: WICKET! That man Elson again keeps the game alive for the hosts Vaughan tries to end it with a maximum and is bowled by Elson for his second wicket. (PYE: 117-4)

OVER 19: WICKET! Top over from Bennett as Adelaide Smith cannot find any of the 3 runs required, and is bowled from the final delivery. Pyestock require 3 runs from 6 deliveries. (PYE 117-5)

OVER 20: WICKET! WICKET! Steve Bradley calls on all of his experience as panic sets into the visiting camp. Ruth simmons pushes the first ball away and calls for a single, Bradley himself gathers and returns to the wicket keeper. Dan Heath is run out without facing a ball. Bad luck turns to disaster a ball later as Taylor Newcombe is bowled. Frantic movements in the away dressing room see's Chris Heath thrust into the action. Bradley continues to dictate though and a single from the final deivery sees Pyestock fall short by the smallest of margins (PYE: 118-7)


A very enjoyable and closely fought encounter came to a close, with Peper Harow claiming bragging rights. A re-match surely beckons. :) 

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