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A Message from the Chairman

(April 22, 2012)

Following this weeks sad news on the passing of Tony Blenkinsop, Pyestock Cricket Club Chairman Mark Padwick has provided the following message recalling his own memories of both team-mate and friend.





Tony Blenkinsop


It is rare in life to meet a true gentleman.  I first met Tony B when he joined Aldershot and played under me in the 4th XI. He always gave his best, running around in the field, batting low down the order and bowling his spin with his trademark “are you ready batsman?” before starting his over. Never once did I see him get annoyed or upset on the field of play. His appeals formed a polite enquiry, as opposed the the raucous pleading of most others. If successful he would often say “unlucky batsman” as they wondered past. If the umpire turned him down he would usually agree, suggest a reason why and walk quietly back to his mark. After several years he was taken very ill and even though he recovered, his sense of balance was often suspect. However, he returned to play when he could.

Eventually Tony joined us at Pyestock, fitting in to the Clubs philosophy straight away. Those that didn’t know him were intrigued by his quiet politeness and instantly appreciated his gentle character. Age and his previous illness had affected his ability to field, but Neil always managed to hide him somewhere, never giving away that he was doing so. His bowling was used when the opportunity presented itself and although slow, he still gave it a fair “tweak”.  With the bat, if he thought he was out he would tuck his bat under his arm and stride off, often with a “well bowled” as he went.

Tony would have played more for us but for his commitments to the choir he sang in and in playing in the band. In the Bar he would always be the first one to buy you a drink. He loved playing cricket and could be found very early most mornings bowling in the Aldershot Nets, often with his great friend Bernie Fallon.

We will all miss Tony. In a world where sport at all levels has become highly charged and competitive, with obvious cheating becoming more acceptable, Tony remained kind, fair and honest. He was, as I have said, a true gentleman and it is hard to think of a higher accolade.


Mark Padwick.



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